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Blackpool Attractions

Days out in Blackpool are FANTASTIC. Whether you come to Blackpool for a day out, weekend or a week there is so much to do and so many attractions you will have a hard time deciding what to do and what to visit first!

Blackpool days out are fun for people of all ages from children to adults there is something for everyone.

Why not start with Blackpool Tower.The tower was built in 1894 and is 518ft tall. It has a circus inside as well as a ball rooom and the view from the top is magnificent.

Do you like rides? Pleasure Beach Blackpool has to be your next visit! It is a theme park with a huge range of rides from the Pepsi Max Big One, Infusion, Valhalla, the Grand National, to the Big Dipper. Blackpool Pleasure Beach is not only the most visited of Blackpool Attractions but it is the most visited attraction in the United Kingdom.

Don't forget about the Sea Life Center it is a great place to enjoy the variety of sea life or learn lots of interesting facts. This Blackpool attraction has lots for all the family to see and do.

You must come back and visit the Blackpool Illumintions!! Switched on in late August till November 10km of promenade from Squires gate to Bispham are lit with beautiful colored lights (It's Las Vegas in Blackpoo!) This attracts tourists in their thousands to not only the Illuminations but also to other Blackpool attractions.

Did you know Blackpool has it's own Zoo? Blackpool Zoo is a brilliant attraction to visit for a day, see the monkeys, the sea lions, and the new pride of 3 new lionesses that have joined the king of the jungle.

The Winter Gardens is a large entertainment and conference venue in the town centre. It includes the Opera House (one of the largest theatres in Europe), Pavilion Theatre, Empress Ballroom, Spanish Hall, Arena and Olympia.

Blackpool Promenade runs from Starr Gate in the South all the way to Bispham in the North. You can have a relaxing stroll on the South Promenade and enjoy the art works including the Worlds Largest Mirror Ball, or a more lively stroll along and enjoy the fun of the three piers.